Glutenfree/ Nutfree/ Raw

In our history of survival and evolution of food technology, pickles probably came to be as a means to preserve vegetables for the lean periods, when fresh veggies would not be available and well… refrigerators and deep freezers had not yet been invented! 

Maybe times have changed, and there is barely any need for preservation, but a little pickle never hurt anyone, did it? 

Today, a pickle can spice up a boring meal.. Or it can be your superfood, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immunity boosting shot, if it contains raw fresh turmeric (good old kachi haldi)! 

Here’s the recipe :- 



100 gm raw fresh turmeric 

¼ cup lemon juice 

2 tbsp rock salt (or more as per taste) 

Make a coarse powder with :- 

2 tsp Fennel 

1 tsp whole black pepper 

1 tsp mustard seeds (could be black,brown or yellow) 


Make juliennes of the fresh turmeric. Mix the juliennes with the coarse powder, salt and lemon juice. 


Shelf life – 10-15 days outside or upto 30 days in the refrigerator. 

Go ahead, try it out and let me know how you liked it! 


Glutenfree/ Nutfree/ Raw

Here is my go-to potent anti-allergy, anti-bacterial, immunity boosting shot for changing seasons (for all seasons;) 


2 inch piece raw turmeric root 

2 inch piece ginger ginger root

1 -2 tsp lemon juice  

A sprig of basil or mint 


Grind the ginger, turmeric and basil/mint along with ¼ -½ cup water. Strain. Add lemon juice and more water to dilute. 

Serves 1 

Variation – if you already have a flu and would prefer to have something warm. 

Crush the ginger and raw turmeric in a mortar. Boil them in 1 cup of water along with mint/basil for 4-5 min. 

Strain, add lemon (and a dash of jaggery if you like). Enjoy warm. 

A shot of this daily for a week and you can pretty much say bye-bye to cold, flu, fever, aches and pains, sinus or other allergies! 

I discovered this formula and recipe when I came down with a bad flu travelling across Bali (few years ago), where they locally call it Jamu – the magic drink! 

Here in India, I obviously don’t need to tell you about the benefits of ginger and turmeric as the most potent antibacterials. 

But what sets raw turmeric apart is that all the nutrients in it (curcurmin, vitamin c and a whole lot of other vitamins) are in their raw, live and most bio-active form and hence that much more effective to wards flus away! 

If you have access to raw turmeric try this out pacca se and tell me how it went 🙂