Raw Vegan Pesto Pasta


This is the simplest no hassle pesto pasta that I know of.. Its completely raw ( no cooking) and gluten free, has the wholesome goodness of soaked nuts and a variety of greens. It takes only 15 minutes to make 🙂 and works as a meal or a salad, however you like it..

Watch me making the pesto on the link given below

OR just follow the steps below 🙂

The ingredients are –

1 cup walnuts ( soaked over night and then washed and dried) Walnuts can be replaced with pine nuts, or cashews as well..

1/2 cup mamoth basil,

1/2 cup parsley ( you could also throw in some coriander if you’d like )

2 cloves of garlic

rock salt to taste

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 Zucchini


Blend the nuts along with lemon juice and a few spoons of water till it becomes a nice frothy paste.

Add in the garlic and salt, and the greens little by little and blend till all is well mixed and you get a lovely light green creamy pesto 🙂

Peel the outer payer of the Zucchini and then peel the rest into fettuccini. Or use a spiralizer to make it into sphegetti.

Mix it well with the pesto and eat 🙂

Winter Berry bowl

Glutenfree/ Raw


Since I mostly eat only fruit for breakfast, I often experiment with how different and exciting can I make my breakfast. Apart from fruit only smoothies, I love to blend fruit and eat it from a bowl ( like one would their cereal or meusli).

This is one is super simple – looks amazing and is really delicious, its amazing for these winter mornings!!!

So here are the ingredients

4-5 ripe red strawberries

10 mulberries

handful of cranberries ( optional)

1 frozen red banana ( if you dont get red, go for the normal )

2 tbsp date paste

a handful of frozen black raisins


Blend all ingredients together except the black raisins.

pour into a bowl. Top with frozen raisins. Dive in!